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The world of  Atlas Plan porcelain stoneware slabs combine with Modulnova's tailor-made kitchen systems to create a stylish combination.

Atlas Plan|Modulnova Meeting Together

The Atlas Concorde Park Studio exhibition space  hosts the "Atlas Plan | Modulnova Meeting Together" project, originating from the meeting of two leading brands in their respective sectors, protagonists of Made-in-Italy furniture: Atlas Plan, the Atlas Concorde brand specializing in the creation of large format ceramic slabs for furniture, and Modulnova, a reference point in the production of kitchen systems all over the world. The combination of shared values between the two brands, such as the continuous search for quality and the desire to transfer a strong identity into their products, has resulted in kitchen systems of sculptural beauty, capable of embodying a fine synthesis between the innovation of exclusive materials and the search for an elegance that enhances their essence.


The project Atlas Plan|Modulnova Meeting Together comes from the combination of the best porcelain stoneware slabs chosen by Atlas Plan with three avant-garde kitchen systems selected by Modulnova; spaces with a strong aesthetic and functional value originate from this union and are designed to improve the life of the environments we live in.

Atlas Plan porcelain stoneware surfaces meet Modulnova avant-garde kitchens


Timeless beauty


Characterized by a sculptural shape, it features an essential design, the result of a synthesis of innovation and the search for contemporary minimalism.
Fly, the perfect monolith that makes up the island, is clad in the Precious Brown surface, an elegant and modern material inspired by a quartzite of Brazilian origin with a dark brown background, which has pale accents and light veins. The effect of the natural essence is accentuated by the matt Silk finish, which is particularly soft to the touch, with slight irregularities typical of natural stones. 

To enhance the volume of the island, 45-degree edges were created, allowing doors and drawers to be opened without creating visible thicknesses. The connecting element between the two kitchen programs is the snack peninsula. In the background, the columns perform the function of containment, creating a scenic niche enriched by full-height shelves.


Architecture merges with landscape


With Atlas Plan and Modulnova ,design and material integrate harmoniously with landscape architecture. The combination of the Mediterraneo and Block collections meets the Boost Balance Ash stoneware surface, which presents an elegant and sophisticated color with a light gray concrete look background.

The choice of the Matt finish gives the slabs a smooth effect to the touch, ideal for uses that demand higher technical performance.


The precious elegance of the concrete look of Boost Balance Ash enhances the Mediterraneo worktop, complete with integrated sink and hob in AISI316 stainless steel, resulting in a style that is as linear as it is refined. The resulting composition has a strong aesthetic impact, characterized by a homogeneous color enriched by subtle nuances and delicate tone-on-tone color variations to transfer an authentic naturalness.

Outdoor kitchen system: the Mediterraneo and Block collections with Boost Balance Ash stoneware surface

The stainless steel structure rests on one side on two black-painted stainless steel blades, and on the other on the Block Millerighe Island, made of Atlas Plan ceramic Basaltina Volcano that reproduces the essential textural structure and naturalness of basalt of volcanic origin.Natura-Body Tech is the technology that allows the aesthetics of natural stone to be reproduced across both the surface and body of the Basaltina Volcano slabs. A finish capable of enhancing the "Millerighe" workmanship, achieving the aesthetics of natural stone even where the material is engraved. The body of the slab becomes extremely consistent with the surface decoration, creating a natural monolith.

An elegant and refined effect emphasized by the choice of the Hammered finish that gives the slab a sculpted, unpolished appearance, with hollows and reliefs. The island houses two compartments: one for storing aromatic plants and the other that can be customized by inserting a chopping board.

Fly Gres kitchen with Precious Brown Atlas Plan porcelain stoneware


Linearity and minimalism


The patented Modulnova Skill Gres kitchen system blends with the excellence of refined materials that reproduce a natural stone look, such as the new Boost Mineral Grey finish by Atlas Plan, characterized by different shades of gray and graphic details that enrich its three-dimensionality.

The kitchen features a style with a linear charm that finds its maximum expression in the choice of a surface with a textural appearance, in perfect harmony with the warmth of wood, capable of preserving the characteristics and performance of an extraordinarily resistant material.

The Hammered finish defines a dotted trace surface with hollows and reliefs, giving an appearance quite similar to the natural material. The result is a refined surface, with great visual impact.

Boost Mineral Grey large format surfaces are made with Atlas Plan Natura-Body Tech technology for total fusion between body and slab surface. Its workmanship in the front and sides, as well as in the integrated sink, enhances this production technology to the fullest by creating a monolithic effect.

The textural appearance and compact tone are perfectly suited to indoor and outdoor applications with a natural, contemporary style.

Atlas Plan

Atlas Plan is the Atlas Concorde brand that specializes in the production of large format ceramic slabs.

Ceramiche Atlas Concorde S.p.A. | VAT Reg. No. 01282550365

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