Atlas Plan marble look stoneware bathroom - Tbektu Design Project

Tbektu Design Project

An oasis of well-being and refinement with Atlas Plan marble look slabs

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Bathroom in Atlas Plan Calacatta marble look porcelain stoneware - Tbektu Design Project
Bathroom vanity top with Atlas Plan Calacatta marble look - Project by Tbektu Design
Sink top with Atlas Plan marble look stoneware in large format - Tbektu Design Project

Space: Bathroom

Country: USA

Designer: Tbektu Design - Teresa J. Beck

Photographer: Reed Brown Photography

Distributor: BPI

Official Fabricator: Stone World

Project by Tbektu Design of residential bathroom with Atlas Plan large format marble look slabs

Recreating the luxury atmosphere of a wellness center


A residential bathroom designed to recreate the comfort and aesthetic and sensory pleasure of a real wellness center in your own home.

The organization of the space, the lighting, the choice of materials and accessories are prepared down to the smallest detail to imbue the room with a feeling of great balance and natural elegance, accompanied by a touch of eccentricity that comes through the furnishing accessories.

Vanity tops, wall tiles and shower walls are made with Atlas Plan Calacatta Antique porcelain stoneware slabs, while countertops are clad with Atlas Plan Calacatta Imperiale porcelain stoneware slabs: marble look surfaces that express refinement in the light of great harmony.

Atlas Plan marble look stoneware shower wall tiles in residential bathroom
Bathroom countertop in Atlas Plan Calacatta marble look stoneware
Bathroom vanity top in Atlas Plan Calacatta marble look porcelain stoneware

Materials that shape style


An interior design project characterized by the skillful combination of materials: wood, which contributes to creating an intimate, natural and relaxing atmosphere, typical of wellness centers; the marble look of Calacatta Imperiale and Calacatta Antique that infuses the environment with a feeling of profound cleanliness and elegance, thanks to the white background that captures and reflects the light in an exceptional way and to the color and decorative richness of the surfaces.

Atlas Plan large format porcelain stoneware residential bathroom project
Shower wall in Atlas Plan Calacatta marble look stoneware large slabs

Surfaces used

The use of large format porcelain stoneware slabs in the bathroom offers important aesthetic and functional advantages: in addition to enhancing the visual harmony of the room, it ensures extraordinary ease of maintenance thanks to the minimal number of joints, which makes the surfaces even easier to clean.

Calacatta Imperiale
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Calacatta Antique
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