Atlas Plan marble-effect stoneware living room wall tiles

Flussocreativo Project

A balanced living room of classic and contemporary trends with marble-effect slabs by Atlas Plan

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Space: Living

Country: Italy

Designer: Flussocreativo Design Studio

Photographer: Lonati Fotografia

Official Fabricator: Soluzione Top

Flussocreativo project with indoor porcelain stoneware by Atlas Plan

Surfaces that become furnishing elements


A living room with classic taste, characterised by a contemporary division of space that opens up into a large, bright open plan room.


The soft, warm and natural tones of the wooden floor are matched by the elegant Atlas Plan marble-effect porcelain stoneware surfaces used to clad the scenic TV wall, made with Calacatta Extra, and the bioethanol fireplace, in Nero Marquina.


Two interior elements of great impact and personality, which increase the expressive power of the room without offsetting the overall balance of the project.

Flussocreativo project with marble-effect Nero Marquina porcelain stoneware by Atlas Plan
Flussocreativo project with marble-effect Nero Marquina porcelain stoneware by Atlas Plan
Living room wall with marble-effect stoneware slabs by Atlas Plan - Flussocreativo Project

The decorative power of the marble effect


The compact and luminous white of Calacatta Extra, crossed by light veins and golden reflections, is counterpointed by the deep and compact black of Nero Marquina, engraved with irregular white veins: a mirror-like surface that creates an energetic and contemporary colour tension.

Living area project by Flussocreativo with Atlas Plan large stoneware slabs
Living room wall in marble-effect porcelain stoneware by Atlas Plan

Surfaces used

Calacatta Extra and Nero Marquina marble-effect porcelain stoneware slabs by Atlas Plan are available in different sizes, finishes and thicknesses for being used in any context. In this interior design project, their polished finish enhances the shine of the surfaces and increases the feeling of exclusivity.

Calacatta Extra
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Nero Marquina
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