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Bathroom with wood look tiles

High-quality porcelain wood effect bathroom tiles can elevate the look of bathrooms effortlessly. Whether styling a small bathroom, a stylish mudroom or a larger room, there are endless opportunities to create modern designs.


A big trend at the moment is that ofwood effect porcelain slabs. These elegant large porcelain tiles, that are designed to mimic the look of natural wood, present all the benefits of porcelain tiles, which are easy to clean and that can resist moisture. These high-quality porcelain tiles are exquisite features that can be used in multiple ways in the bathroom to match existing décor, or even to upgrade certain features to create streamlined, eye-catching spaces.

Bathroom with wood look tiles: why it is the trend of the moment

Bringing a touch of nature to the indoors has long been a design trend embraced by interior designers and property owners alike. The reason for using wood effect bathroom tiles for this popular design is quite simple: these tiles do not need the same extensive care as natural wood.

Thanks to their premium properties, they can easily be used in bathrooms to create high-end results that would suit any bathroom. When using luxury porcelain wood look tiles in a bathroom, you get benefits such as scratch-resistant surfaces that will not easily show wear and tear. Another reason why wood look tiles keep on trending is their versatility. Even though these porcelain tiles provide a wood effect, their colours could range from lighter shades to more intense, darker colours.

Ideas for bathroom looks and ideas with wood effect tiles – Atlas Plan

Wood look tiles bathroom coverings ideas: what to do

If you are planning to design your bathroom with wood look tile, here are some ideas to get you started.

Wood look bathroom coverings paired with patterned tile walls

If you love design contrast, gorgeous bathroom designs with wood look tile look fantastic with patterned tiles in shades of light or dark browns. A good idea to consider here is cementine effect porcelain tiles, which create that elegant look, without worrying about any damage. To complete your bathroom’s design, you can consider noce canaletto wood effect slabs for your vanity tops to match the look of your luxury porcelain tiles.



Flip the script and use your wood look tiles on your bathroom tiles only

Wood effect bathroom wall tiles can look sensational and create a feeling of having cosy wood walls, adding extra warmth to spaces that can often feel cold or sanitary. If you want to enhance the feeling of space in your bathroom with wood look tile designs, consider using large porcelain bathroom tiles that will save time when being installed. Complete this look with gorgeous honeycomb floor tiles that infuse extra natural themes into your bathroom design.



Bathroom designs with wood look tile that work beautifully for small bathrooms

There are many small bathroom ideas when it comes to wood effect bathroom tiles. Using big wood effect porcelain tiles for vanities can create sensational style, while lighter wood look tiles can create an airy feeling that can make small bathrooms feel bigger.

Wood look tile shower ideas – Atlas Plan

Wood look tile shower ideas: how to choose the right finishes

Porcelain tiles are perfect options for shower coverings. They are durable, easy to clean, and will not easily absorb moisture. You can choose either matte or glossy porcelain wood effect tiles, as both finishes are great for showers and will give you a neatly polished look that will not easily show wear and tear. Also, remember that you can even create an accent wall in your shower by tiling one wall and then painting another in a contrasting colour.

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