Wood effect porcelain stoneware

Large wood effect tiles: effects and styles

Inspired by nature, Atlas Plan’s wood effect porcelain tiles recreate the veining patterns of real wood, adding visual interest and warmth to all architectural ventures. The timeless beauty of wood blends with the functionality of porcelain stoneware, delivering surprising and timeless results.

These wood effect tiles fill every space with an inviting aura, making them the ideal surface for cladding everything from hotel lobbies and receptions to bespoke bars and bedrooms. The adaptability of porcelain stoneware knows no bounds: from food serving to hospitality, from offices to shops or shopping centres, these tiles embody the timeless charm of the wood effect without affecting the efficiency and practicality that only porcelain stoneware can offer.

To allow designers’ creativity to flourish without boundaries, Atlas Plan wood effect brown porcelain slabs are available in 6mm and 12mm thicknesses, in rectified and not rectified large format sizes. This wide range of customisations also makes outdoor wood effect porcelain paving for ventilated façades and outdoor kitchen worktops a possibility.

Large wood look porcelain tiles: characteristics and how to match them

Wood effect porcelain tiles outperform natural wood in surface hardness. These durable materials will not dent or scratch, making them perfect for high traffic areas.

Ideal for living rooms, these tiles create a harmonious continuity between spaces, underlining comfort and hospitality. With its exceptional durability and ease of maintenance, wood look porcelain tiles also find ideal applications in kitchens and bathrooms, successfully resisting factors such as water, moisture, stains, chemicals, shocks and abrasion. Perfect for floor, furnishing and wall tiling, wood effect tiles elegantly define the refined atmosphere of residential spaces.

Porcelain stoneware is extremely water resistant and wood effect ceramic tiles are no different. These premium materials remain unchanged when exposed to moisture and temperature changes, which is ideal for bathroom solutions that can experience humidity. Create a bathroom with wood look tile with our Noce Canaletto porcelain. It can clad both floors, walls and showers delivering a highly sophisticated, intimate aesthetic that is also easy to clean.

Wood effect porcelain tiles boast a timeless quality that suits classic interiors and the most contemporary of settings. How to decorate a living room? Clad floors with wood look ceramic tiles and pair them with marble like stoneware. The result is genius design that’s high-end, tasteful and vibrant. For long-standing appeal, opt for wood-effect living room porcelain tiles with statement-making stone effect furniture as the feature—our Soapstone Dark or Negresco tiles would be elegant solutions.

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