Large metal look porcelain tiles

Metal effect tiles and slabs: effects and characteristics

Atlas Plan metal look tiles inject a subtle urban edge into spaces with their oxidized look and vintage charm.

Large format metallic look tiles suit applications in a variety of contexts: for an industrial touch to commercial spaces, a technological and modern look to residential buildings, to make a bathroom furnishing attractive (large porcelain bathroom tiles).

A material that offers continuous solutions for meeting tables, porcelain table tops, porcelain kitchen countertops, kitchen islands, backsplashes, worktops, bar and restaurant counters, porcelain tiles for floors and walls.

Metal-look slabs feature an extremely hard surface that doesn’t easily scratch or dent and remains unaffected by chemicals, making them the perfect solution for commercial spaces, porcelain furniture, and outdoor ventilated façades.

The robustness and compactness of metallic porcelain stoneware slabs enable their use outdoors with a guarantee of great durability and unalterableness over the years.

Metal look bathroom tiles are a reliable choice for wet areas in the home. These multifunctional materials are incredibly hard-wearing and stay unaltered even in the most humid conditions. Metallic look tiles are a surface solution that does not change over time.

Large metallic look tiles: how to match them

Large metallic look tiles emphasize a highly contemporary design DNA that readily matches with a variety of surfaces, colors, and finishes.

How to decorate a modern house with metal look tiles? Allow the metal to be the feature and build the décor around it. Warm-toned metals such as gold and brass match well with whites, beiges, and browns, while cool metals such as chrome pair with greens, greys, and blacks.

Our Blaze Iron metal look porcelain tiles are a neutral surface that can be paired with almost any color and even any metal. Its authentic appearance mimics the textured layers of the natural material and will heighten the character of every space.

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Blaze Corten

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Blaze Aluminium

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Blaze Iron

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For a prestigious look, pair iron-clad kitchen islands and countertops with gold accents and a monochrome color palette. Or play up the rustic atmosphere of metal effect porcelain stoneware tiles, by matching with other moody materials and textures such as our Precious Brown porcelain stoneware.

Match the minimalist sensibilities of metal-look wall tiles by balancing them with concrete-look porcelain floor tiles from our beige Boost Natural Pro Sand to our Boost Grey.

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