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How to decorate a modern house

Modern house interior design is about more than just using the latest trends to bring a design style to life. Often, it can be contemporary home decorating that gives a home its classic look, which means its design has more durability and staying power. One design element that will undeniably get you a fantastic look is tiles: they can be used on floors, walls and even as finishes for countertops and worktops when you use porcelain slabs to match flooring and wall design. There are several contemporary styles that you can explore for solutions for your interior design projects, each bringing with it its own set of benefits.

Kitchen worktops and table with Bianco Dolomite large porcelain tiles – Atlas Plan

How to decorate in contemporary design style

When you want to arrange a modern house, it is important that you remember that simplicity is key. Clean lines, straightforward patterns and a balance between lines can make any design look sleek and timeless. Another easy to achieve modern home design idea is to create a feeling of openness with refreshing tile colors that will instantly transform your home into an exceptional space with exceptional depth and interest.

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Modern house ideas: best effects combinations

To create a sensational modern house interior design, there are several effect combinations that can give your interior design projects a breath of life. These include matching artistic floor tile patterns with contrasting wall tiles for maximum design impact, which is sure to give any room fantastic design impact. Themed spaces are another way to create contemporary combinations, such as tropical print entryways, or art deco bathrooms that look eclectic yet modern. Wood effect transition floorsare more considerations for modern house ideas, as these tiles create a natural feel that is easy to maintain too.

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Contemporary house ideas: how to match different colors

A key consideration when it comes to color matching in a home is to decide on your color palette. This will not limit your options – rather, it will allow you to choose from matching colors that seamlessly fit in together to create sensational designs. First, you should choose a base color, which will be the main color of the room you are renovating. Then, you would look to two bases colors that match your main color. These colors can for instance be used for your furniture, wall finishes, or flooring such as stone look porcelain tiles. Once you have decided on all your various elements, you can pick décor that seamlessly fits in with your overall décor.

Vanity top and bathroom coverings with Boost Smoke large porcelain tiles – Atlas Plan

Contemporary house decorating: from the living room, to the kitchen to the bathroom

Whether you are looking for small house design ideas, or tips on how to decorate a modern house, one design idea that never fails is updating your flooring, walls and furniture with beautiful tile designs, Let’s take a look at some contemporary house ideas that can work for any space, big or small.

Living room

A key design feature that can instantly create a gorgeous profile for a modern living room is a statement wall. For this finish, you can choose textured wall tiles that add instant interest to these living spaces. Also, you can consider striking mosaic tiles or even lappato tiles that have stunning matt meets gloss looks that can create fantastic living room style. To match your contemporary living room design, consider using ceramic or stoneware furniture such as side tables and coffee tables to match these fantastic surfaces with their natural design looks.

Living room table with Absolute Black large porcelain solid effect tiles – Atlas Plan


When it comes to modern kitchen ideas, one way to create an instant modern house look is to match the flooring of your open plan living room with that of your kitchen. This will create instant design impact and fantastic flow, giving your home a seamless, stylish design where elements are in balance and perfectly color coordinated. Matching the colors of your countertops and furniture can further connect the color palette of various décor and fixed items perfectly, giving your home a contemporary feel with staying power.


Bold patterns are fantastic design options that are also great small bathroom ideas. These designs can create stunning 3D effects, making them ideal for industrial themed and eclectic bathrooms. Another consideration when decorating modern bathrooms is by mixing and matching different tile styles, such as subway tiles for walls and beautiful patterns for floors. This way, you create contrast and interest without sacrificing texture or color.

Every modern bathroom has numerous opportunities to tap into, and with the right design, you can truly create something exceptional.

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