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Modern bar countertop ideas

The countertop is the first thing you notice when you enter a room, and its appearance dictates the atmosphere of the whole space: so how do you design such an important element? Whether it's the lounge area of a restaurant or the lobby of a luxury hotel, here are some modern bar tops ideas capable of combining design and functionality.

Porcelain stoneware bar countertop Atlas Plan

Bar countertop material: which one to use?

When designing commercial premises, the choice of counter finishes plays a key role, since it’s the first point of contact with the customer, and therefore it must express a strong aesthetic identity, while at the same time offering excellent and durable performance over time.

Choosing porcelain stoneware slabs for bars, restaurants, hotels means benefitting from all the advantages of a technologically advanced material that is wear-resistant, waterproof and safe for contact with food, while also guaranteeing maximum expressive freedom in terms of colors, textures and looks. In addition, large sized porcelain slabs is available in different thicknesses and finishes, thus being the ideal material for the bar counter as well as for the entire furnishing of a luxury bar.

Modern bar countertops: some ideas

If you are looking for ideas to embellish a bar, the lounge area of a restaurant or the lobby of a resort, here is a selection of ideas to create exclusive settings and design high-impact premises.

Modern green bar countertops - Atlas Plan

The elegance of chromatic contrasts

The first strategy for creating modern bar countertops with a prestigious look is to play with sharply contrasting finishes, capable of transforming the counter into the focal point of the space and, at the same time, restoring a luxurious image. Cladding the bar counter with green marble-effect stoneware - in the image, Exotic Green was used for the top and Exotic Wave for the front - is even more impactful if placed on a black marble-effect tile floor, regal and shiny thanks to its gold veins, combined with velvet stools that reflect the colors of the piano bar.

Modern porcelain stoneware bar top Atlas Plan

The sophisticated charm of natural stone

Compact, three-dimensional, intense: natural stone-effect stoneware is perfect for creating the most sophisticated ideas for a modern bar: the perfect balance between minimalism and refinement. For an extra touch of class, the lighting can be integrated directly into the lower part of the counter, so as to highlight the details and the different tones of this sophisticated finish.

Modern marble-effect bar counter Atlas Plan

The exclusivity of marble

An iconic refined and elegant look, statuary marble-effect stoneware is one of the most popular materials for decorating luxury bars. Thanks to the extraordinary performance of the stoneware, the delicate gray veins and the sophisticated milky white shade of the slab will maintain their unmistakable color over time, resisting scratches and wear. Those who want to recreate even more welcoming and hospitable atmospheres for their customers will particularly appreciate the satin finish, which provides a thin veil, very pleasant to the touch.

Atlas Plan green marble effect bar countertop cladding

The audacity of tropical style

Let's conclude this roundup of bar tops ideas with a proposal designed for those who, in addition to luxury are also looking for a touch of eccentricity: marble-effect stoneware inspired by Brazilian quartzite, with its intense green crossed by impressive chromatic stains, can transform a simple bar top into a true masterpiece. Even in this case the combinations are endless: if black and shades of gray give strength and character to the whole environment, gold enhances its brightness and recalls an elegant tropical ambience.

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