Modern bar counter in Atlas Plan porcelain stoneware

Modern bar countertop ideas

The bar is the first thing you notice when you walk into an establishment, its style dictates the whole ambiance of the place. So how do you go about designing such an important element? Whether it’s the bar area of a restaurant or a luxury hotel reception, here are some ideas for modern bar tops that unite style with functionality.

Bar top clad in Atlas Plan porcelain stoneware

Bar top materials - what to choose

The material you choose for the countertop is a key element when you’re designing a commercial establishment because it’s the first point of contact with the customer, so it has to express the aesthetic identity of the place while offering durability and efficiency over time.

When you choose porcelain stoneware slabs for bars, restaurants, hotels you get all the advantages of a technically-advanced material that’s highly durable, impermeable and safe for food contact, and also offers maximum freedom of expression in terms of colours, textures and style effects Added to that, porcelain slabs are available in different thicknesses and finishes so it’s the ideal material not just for the bar top but for all the internal fittings of a luxury modern bar.

Modern bar countertops: a few ideas

If you’re looking for ideas to enhance a bar, the bar area of a restaurant or a hotel reception, here are some starting points towards creating an exclusive setting and designing a high-impact locale.

Modern green bar counter - Atlas Plan

The flair of contrasting colours

One idea for creating a modern bar counter in a high-class setting is to use finishes in markedly contrasting colours; this will make the bar the focal point and introduce a luxury feel to the environment. Cladding the bar counter in green marble-effect porcelain stoneware (in the image we used Exotic Green for the top and Exotic Wave for the front) creates even greater impact when the floor is paved with black marble-effect stoneware with its regal, lustrous finish of golden veining, and accompanied by velvet bar stools reflecting the colours of the bar top.

Modern bar counter in Atlas Plan porcelain stoneware

The sophisticated charm of natural stone

Compact, three-dimensional, intense: natural stone-effect stoneware is ideal for developing the most exclusive ideas for a modern bar - the perfect balance of minimalism and sophistication. For an extra touch of class you could install lighting under the bar top to bring out the details and varying tones of this elegant finish.

Modern bar counter in Atlas Plan marble effect

The exclusivity of marble

Stoneware in statutario marble effect, a symbol of refined elegance and beauty, is one of the most highly-prized materials for luxury bars. With the extraordinary properties of stoneware, the delicate grey veining and the elegant milky-white tones, the slabs are wear and scratch resistant and will retain their unmistakable tonality over time. To create the ultimate in attractive, congenial environments for your guests, you will particularly appreciate the satin finish with its subtle glazing so delightful to the touch.

Bar counter clad in Atlas Plan green marble effect

The boldness of tropical styling

We’ll end this round of ideas for bar counters with a suggestion for anyone aiming for a touch of eccentricity along with the luxury element. The marble-effect stoneware inspired by Brazilian quarzite, an intense shade of green shot through with striking chromatic patches, can transform a simple counter into a veritable work of art. Again, the possibilities for different combinations here are endless - black and shades of grey will give the environment strength and character; gold will lend it luminosity and reproduce an elegant tropical ambiance.

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