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Kitchen backsplash ideas

One of the most often underestimated surfaces in the kitchen is the one behind the stove: cooking vapors, splashes and temperature fluctuations put a strain on this work area, which must be protected with durable yet aesthetically impeccable materials. For the kitchen backsplash, porcelain stoneware is the ideal solution because it is durable, hygienic and extremely versatile: here are some recommendations and ideas to draw inspiration from when choosing the kitchen backsplash that best suits your needs.

What to install as a backsplash in the kitchen?

Porcelain stoneware is the best material for those who want an extremely functional and durable backsplash that offers a wide range of finishes and provides elegant and modern kitchens at the same time. The wall panel of the kitchen generally runs its full length and is subjected to considerable stress: for example, the area behind the hob is affected by high temperatures, while the area around the sink can be affected by moisture. Although there are several alternatives on the market ranging from plastic to glass, the porcelain stoneware kitchen backsplash is still the most suitable choice because it boasts unique technical characteristics that make it waterproof, resistant to impacts and ideal for contact with food. Not only that: stoneware slabs are easy to maintain, and the kitchen will preserve its natural beauty over time by following our advice on how to clean porcelain stoneware.

Linear kitchen in stone look stoneware - Atlas Plan
L-shaped kitchen in stone look stoneware- Atlas Plan

How to match the kitchen wall panel? Materials and colors

Ideas for the kitchen backsplash can be developed already at the design stage, to create continuity with the rest of the room or to originate an unusual and impressive contrast.


Those who prefer contrasts or wish to emphasize the lines of the wall units, for example, can combine dark, glossy doors with a marble look kitchen backsplash: the compact white color, enriched with light gray veins, will add even more brightness and character to the room. Choosing a kitchen backsplash in the same color and material as the rest of the furniture, on the other hand, allows for a uniform and highly sophisticated visual look, where porcelain stoneware ensures maximum customization.

Modern black kitchen in metal look stoneware - Atlas Plan

Three ideas for the backsplash of your modern kitchen

Among the ideas for modern kitchen backsplashes, the most interesting are certainly those that combine functionality with a decided aesthetic choice: an example of this are the Blaze Iron porcelain stoneware slabs which recall industrial atmospheres, thanks to a visually striking oxidized metal look.

Classic kitchen in wood and stone look stoneware - Atlas Plan

Those who want to give their kitchen a contemporary touch will appreciate the stone look stoneware slabs, which pick up on the aspect and decorative motif of the Ceppo di Gré, the typical pebble rock of Lombardy.


Porcelain stoneware can also be used in the creation of more neutral and minimalist kitchen backsplashes, such as those in white cement look stoneware: essential but with very sophisticated textural details.

Marble look white stoneware kitchen backsplash - Atlas Plan

White kitchen backsplash

White is one of the most popular colors for kitchens, thanks to its timeless appeal. While a colorful and sharply contrasting backsplash can certainly liven up the atmosphere, a marble kitchen backsplash enhances the room and conveys harmony, especially if you choose to play with the very light gray and the subtle veins that reproduce clouds.

Gray and black kitchen stone look backsplash - Atlas Plan

Stone look black kitchen backsplash

Not only white: black is also conquering its place in the kitchen. Those who like a monolithic look can choose a black kitchen backsplash to match the doors and wall units, or they can add a touch of energy by opting for a lighter but equally intense shade: the stone look gray backsplash is a solution that, combined with the black finishes, provides a delicate contrast as well as a high gloss.

Backsplash for kitchen with island

Those looking for ideas for a modern kitchen will surely consider the idea of creating an island, but how to match the finishes to the rest of the linear kitchen? An interesting solution is to combine the backsplash with the kitchen top, but in contrast to the rest of the furniture: in this case, marble look stoneware is certainly a styled choice. Those looking for a distinctive visual impact but loving mono-colors can choose a concrete look kitchen backsplash instead, preferring continuity with the worktops.

Modern linear kitchen in marble look stoneware - Atlas Plan
Marble look stoneware backsplash for a classic kitchen - Atlas Plan

Ideas for the wall panel of a classic kitchen

Even a classic kitchen needs a heat-resistant and long-lasting backsplash, and porcelain stoneware is the perfect material thanks to its many finishes. Although the vintage look of the kitchen may seem a limitation, there are many wall panel ideas that can be considered: of all of them, the marble look is perfect for creating a pleasant contrast between past and present.

Marble look backsplash ideas

The warm look of marble is ideal to embellish the backsplash of a country kitchen without spoiling its atmosphere: if the choice of a white, compact stoneware expresses a refined style, a backsplash in shades ranging from milk white to beige gives an extra homey touch and makes the kitchen even more cozy.

Classic white kitchen - Atlas Plan
Marble look stoneware backsplash for white kitchen - Atlas Plan
Beige kitchen in concrete look stoneware - Atlas Plan

Backsplash ideas for beige kitchen

Among the most versatile colors for the kitchen and for home furnishing as a whole is beige, a shade capable of conveying a strong personality without ever being banal. The ideal backsplash for a beige kitchen is the one that goes unnoticed: using concrete look stoneware for all accessories, from wall units to doors, from kitchen tops to backsplashes, getting a room glamorous and functional at the same time, while keeping a minimal look.

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