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Modern office furnishing ideas

Whether large shared rooms or small studios, workspaces need bespoke solutions that prioritize functionality without neglecting comfort, so as to simplify every task and make it more enjoyable.

Already at the design stage, the choice of materials and coverings can make a difference on the final result: porcelain stoneware slabs, besides being versatile and extremely resistant, offer great possibilities for customization in any type of business setting.

Here is a selection of ideas for furnishing a modern office with a balanced mix of practicality and look.

Modern office furniture: where to start from?

Before drawing up proposals and ideas for furnishing an office, two main aspects must be taken into account: the square footage and the needs of those who will use that space. For example, the furnishing of an open-plan office for a creative team will need to provide both shared, cozy spaces and more recessed areas to aid concentration, while astudio or small office will need rational space management but also a strong personality.

A third element that should not be underestimated is the lighting, which can have a significant influence on the choice of finishes to be used: in well-exposed rooms that enjoy natural light, strong colors can certainly be opted for, while in more sheltered spaces or those of limited dimensions, it is preferable to opt for neutral colors, which can be embellished with extremely refined textural looks.

Desk-table ideas

The desk is undoubtedly the main piece of furniture in a modern office, not only because it serves as a work surface but also because it is the pivot around which all activities revolve: this is why it is a good idea to place it in a strategic position to facilitate access to bookshelves, shelves or archives, avoiding to turn your shoulders on the window whenever possible.

As far as materials are concerned, those looking for new ideas for functional desk tables full of character and personality will find in the porcelain stoneware tables the perfect solution. They are resistant to scratches, wear and high temperatures, guaranteeing maximum durability even in busy environments such as offices.

Marble look porcelain stoneware tables - Atlas Plan

Choosing porcelain stoneware slabs means opting for very versatile products: you can choose from color to texture, format to thickness, to shape new trends in modern and contemporary furniture. If you can opt for more classic materials and colors for proper offices, you can dare with more unusual tables for meeting rooms. For example, black marble look porcelain stoneware, embellished with white veins running through the slabs, is ideal for giving an exclusive and sophisticated touch to a meeting room, while the compact texture of a concrete look finish can transform a shared workstation into a genuine piece of design.

Gray porcelain stoneware desk - Atlas Plan

How to decorate your desk?

There are many small measures that can be put into practice to decorate the table desk and make the work space more appealing.

Tidiness is the friend of concentration and helps to face work with more peacefulness, so give free rein to organizers, containers for stationery or personal property, large document holders and functional accessories for hiding cables: it is always preferable to opt for simple, linear design solutions, with shapes and colors that blend in with the rest of the room.

To give a more personal touch to the workplace, simply add a little-care plant such as Spathiphyllum, which cleanses the air of toxins, or Bowstring hemp, which does not need direct light.

How to beautify the office: 3 ideas to make the room comfortable

When choosing how to furnish an office and how to decorate it, it is important to remember that these are rooms that have to be on a human scale, because people will spend time in them. Here are three ideas for making spaces more comfortable:

  • Provide a break area: a few armchairs and an area set up with mugsand a kettle are enough to create a small corner in which to take a break or have a quick snack. It is also a good strategy to stimulate sharing and thus collaboration between colleagues.
  • Soundproofing spaces: it is not always possible to do this, but sometimes it is enough to opt for materials that can dampen noise or choose dedicated coverings on larger walls.
  • Choose versatile lighting:in addition to the basic common room lighting, each workstation should be equipped with its own LED lamp so that everyone can adjust the light as they wish.
Stone look gray porcelain stoneware office - Atlas Plan

Open-plan office furniture: what's not to be missed

When designing the furnishing of an open-plan office, consider the peculiarities of this type of space: rather large rooms, often with high ceilings and large windows. Features that are very interesting from a design point of view, but which do not always fully match the needs of those who will have to use that office for their daily business.

One aspect that is too often underestimated is the need for a place to store personal property, for example, jackets or gym bags: this is why an open space cannot be without coat racks, storage cabinets and bookcases with doors, providing everyone with a private and functional space.

Sharing is part of the DNA of open-plan spaces, but sometimes there is a need for the exact opposite, which is why it is best to provide at least one meeting room - perhaps with shades - and so-called phone booths, small soundproof rooms that offer some privacy.

And also, to make the open-plan area less dispersive, the different workspaces should be visually circumscribed by strategically placing open shelving, half-height furniture or small partition panels.

Office or small studio furniture ideas: how to optimize space

Those who find themselves designing an office with small dimensions will have to opt for solutions that favor optimization of space.

Among the most functional studio furnishing ideasare island desks, which offer ample storage space in a small footprint; full-height storage walls also keep the room organized: shelves and wall units above the desks allow everything to be within reach at all times.

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