Furnishing with porcelain stoneware: ideas for the bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most intimate and private places in our homes: a space where we can relax and take care of ourselves. Every detail and every element must be studied and chosen with particular care so as not to risk creating a disharmonious and non-functional environment.While designing the bathroom, the first choice to be made is certainly that of cladding walls, floors and furniture, which form the basis of all room design elements.


So how do you choose the perfect cladding?

Solutions suited to different types of bathroom


When renovating a bathroom the first aspect to consider is the type of room in which the intervention is being applied.


The master bathroom, usually located in the sleeping area, is by definition the most important bathroom within the home and must be designed for comfort and well-being. Inside we have various complements and finishes to enhance according to our taste and style.


For a classic and precious style, the choice can fall on the marble effect porcelain tiles favouring a total look effect or aiming for a combination with different materials. The choice of stone effect porcelain tiles reproducing the natural effects of stone or concrete effect porcelain tiles inspired by the effects of concrete lend themselves well to a modern, high-tech interpretation.


In furnishing the service bathroom, on the other hand, the technical specifications of the space must be taken into consideration first: generally speaking, the service bathroom is smaller in size and has poorer lighting than the master bathroom. In this case, we suggest to prefer light-coloured porcelain stoneware walls and floors to increase the light effect and give the feeling of being in front of larger rooms.


When the renovation concerns a bathroom in a hotel, restaurant or bar, we have to bear in mind that this will affect the guests' overall judgement. The first thing to take into consideration is certainly the hygienic and practical aspect, but aesthetics should not be underestimated: the bathroom must reflect the style and reputation of the premises.
In fact, refined surfaces and finishes convey sensations and emotions that become part of the experience of the hospitality business itself.

Atlas Plan and Atlas Concorde large porcelain bathroom tiles are well suited to different types of bathrooms and a wide variety of applications: from cladding the washbasin top to showers, walls and floors.


The ally against mould and bacteria

The bathroom is, of all rooms in the home, the one most subject to wear and is often in contact with water. In this context, the choice of porcelain stoneware is the perfect solution for maximum hygiene: it is not affected by humidity and does not rot or facilitate the proliferation of bacteria, fungi and mould that tend to grow in damp environments.


Whatever the application, from bathroom furniture cladding to flooring, the hardness of the surface makes porcelain stoneware slabs resistant to scratches and everyday wear.

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