Metal-effect porcelain stoneware

The metal-effect porcelain stoneware surfaces proposed by Atlas Plan combine the charm and expressive power of lived material with the high performance of porcelain stoneware, leaving great freedom for design experimentation.

Textures that evoke strength and vigour, rich in light effects and able to make the environment evocative and full of personality.

Avant-garde spaces


Large-size metal-effect ceramic tiles lend themselves to applications in a variety of contexts: for an industrial touch to commercial spaces, a technological and modern effect to residential buildings, to make a bathroom furnishing attractive.

A material that offers continuous solutions for meeting tables, kitchen islands, backsplashes, worktops, bar and restaurant counters, floors and walls.

The robustness and compactness of metallic porcelain stoneware slabs make it possible to use them outdoors with a guarantee of great durability and inalterability over the years.

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Blaze Aluminium

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Blaze Iron
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