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A complete product range that draws inspiration from the purest materials and interprets them in contemporary surfaces.


A ceramic system for design

Atlas Plan's large porcelain stoneware slabs faithfully reproduce stone, marble, cement and other inspirational materials, offering a wide range of colours, textures and material effects. This aesthetic versatility makes Atlas Plan products ideal for customised designs for any environment, both indoor and outdoor.


In this context, the prestigious collaboration with Modulnova, a symbol of high quality Made in Italy furniture, comes to life.

Atlas Plan | Modulnova MEETING TOGETHER


The world of Atlas Plan porcelain stoneware slabs teams with the Modulnova bespoke kitchen system, shaping a sophisticated style combo.

Atlas Plan | Modulnova MEETING TOGETHER

The "Atlas Plan | Modulnova Meeting Together" project is a collaboration between Atlas Plan, renowned for its large-size porcelain stoneware slabs, and Modulnova, famous for its designer kitchen systems.


Timeless beauty


The Fly Gres Kitchen is the result of minimalist design research, with the accent on clean lines and quality materials. Fly, the perfect monobloc that forms the kitchen island, features the Precious Brown surface, a material inspired by Brazilian quartzites, characterised by a brown background enriched with light veining effects. The matte Silk finish brings a soft, natural touch, while the 45-degree angled edges allow for the opening of doors and drawers without creating visible thicknesses, combining practical appeal with uncompromising design.


Architecture blends with the landscape


In the Outdoor Kitchen System created by Atlas Plan and Modulnova, design and materials engage with the outdoor environment, combining the Mediterraneo and Block collections with the Boost Balance Ash porcelain stoneware slabs, which offer an elegant concrete effect. The Matte finish ensures smooth surfaces, while the concrete effect enhances the worktops with built-in sink and stainless steel hob, creating a linear style.
The stainless steel structures, together with the Block Millerighe Island in Basaltina Volcano ceramic material, mimic the natural appearance of basalt thanks to the Natura Body Tech technology. The Hammered finish brings a sculpted look to the slabs, which host spaces for pots of herbs and a customisable chopping board, making for an attractively smooth, uniform, impressively functional composition.


Linear minimalism


The Skill Gres kitchen system by Modulnova brings on board top-quality materials to create natural stone effects, using the Boost Mineral Grey finish by Atlas Plan, with shades of grey and graphic details that add depth. This linear style is teamed with the warm appearance of wood, maintaining excellent resistance and performance. The Hammered finish creates a textured surface that mimics nature, offering a sophisticated look.
Thanks to the Natura-Body Tech technology, large surfaces are able to maintain a smooth, consistent appearance and function, evident both in the details and in the built-in washbasin, for a monobloc design. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings, the system has a contemporary, natural style.

A continually evolving collaboration


A continually evolving collaboration

From the experience of Atlas Plan in the world of ceramics, and the excellence of Modulnova in the world of décor come two unique surfaces: Appennino and Silver Root.
Both surfaces combine the durability of ceramics with the beauty of Italian design, offering top-quality, versatile solutions for every interior design project.

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