Natura-Vein™ Tech is an amazing technological innovation for marble look slabs with through-body vein

Natura-Vein™ Tech is the latest novelty from Gruppo Concorde: a major discovery for the world of porcelain stoneware which finally makes it possible to recreate on an industrial scale the typical vein patterns of a natural material such as marble.


Through-body vein technology increases the freedom of design for designers because it makes the marble look even more realistic, lending each project continuity of surface, edge and corners.


Natura-Vein Tech™ reproduces the look of natural marble.
The vein pattern is reproduced through the full thickness of the slab, guaranteeing perfectly consistent surface and body. This exclusive technology can also be applied to Atlas Plan slabs with a thickness of 20 mm and 12 mm. Just as in natural marble, in our slabs too, the vein pattern of the body of the slab follows that of the surface decoration, which is why Atlas Plan products with through-body vein have random graphics. vein-through-atlas-plan


Atlas Plan slabs with through-body vein

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