Large porcelain tiles for bathroom

Haven of relaxation

Atlas Plan porcelain tiles for walls and floors.

Stoneware is the perfect material to be applied in the bathroom, from the most decorative to the most functional parts. Marble, stone, metal, concrete, solid… every effect is combined with other materials and furnishing accessories to make this domestic space a real haven of relaxation.

Calacatta Delicato
Grey Stone
Exotic Green
Boost Smoke

Porcelain tiles for bathroom: different effects

Porcelain stoneware bathroom settings: top cladding, furniture and vanity tops.

The bathroom is increasingly a haven of wellbeing and an expression of self. Laundry, fitness area, spa, hammam... the effects of porcelain stoneware are able to recreate the style most suited to your idea of a bathroom: concrete effect tiles or stone effect tiles to recreate a modern and minimalist bathroom, marble effect tiles for a luxury bathroom, metal effect tiles for a metropolitan loft style bathroom.

Domestic well-being

Atlas Plan porcelain stoneware for horizontal surfaces, bathroom countertops and bathroom vanity tops.

Porcelain stoneware slabs for bathroom furniture are available in different thicknesses (6, 9, 12 and 20 mm), sizes and finishes. Porcelain stoneware cladding for the bathroom is the perfect solution for maximum hygiene and durability. Cladding the bathroom with large slabs allows for continuous solutions with great aesthetic impact, for maximum design freedom.

Boost Tarmac
Boost Balance Ash
Noce Canaletto

Bedroom settings

Let us inspire you!

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