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The incredible properties of porcelain stoneware have made our materials the preferred choice for many excellent manufacturers in the furniture sector. Thanks to their versatility, durability, and refined aesthetics, our slabs allow the creation of furniture that follows current trends and sets new standards of quality and style.

Discover the companies that have chosen Atlas Plan surfaces and get inspired by their extraordinary creations.


Riflessi is a leading company in contemporary design, known for its dedication to quality, innovation, and sustainability.


With an artisanal approach, Riflessi creates furniture that combines refined aesthetics and functionality. At Fuorisalone, Riflessi presented tables made with Desert Soul by Atlas Plan, exemplifying their design philosophy that integrates precious materials and innovative solutions.

vela arredamenti by iumex

Vela Arredamenti is renowned for its ability to create custom furniture solutions for hotels, restaurants, and offices, combining elegant design and practical functionality.


With extensive experience in the industry, Vela Arredamenti chose Travertino Sand, Boost Grey, and Calacatta Gold for their tables displayed at the Salone del Mobile. Using these high-quality materials provided by Atlas Plan, they created pieces that embody timeless design and superior durability. Their ability to interpret the specific needs of each project has turned every table into a unique work of art, confirming their excellence in the field of furniture.


Hi Retail, part of the Brugnotto Group, specializes in store furnishings with flexible and adaptable modular systems.


The company stands out for the quality of its finishes and its ability to create customized projects. The new Nuvola collection integrates ceramic details such as Desert Soul, Exotic Green by Atlas Plan, and Calacatta Black by Atlas Concorde, making the products even more exclusive and innovative. These include the fronts of cash desks and circular platforms, demonstrating the elegance and versatility of porcelain stoneware.

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