Cornelio Marble Boutique Project

Hi-tech elegance in the kitchen with Atlas Plan porcelain stoneware

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Space: Kitchen

Country: Cyprus

Photographer: Marios Studio

Distributor: Cornelio Marble Boutique

The high-performing beauty


The wide versatility of marble look porcelain stoneware can also be enhanced in a contemporary hi-tech way.

In this modern, spacious and functional kitchen, two styles converge at the center of the design: the styled and decorative elegance of Calacatta Imperiale Atlas Plan, which clads the monolithic central island, and the expressive power of steel, with the imposing ceiling hood becoming one of the key elements of the interior.


Surfaces that dialog with the setting

The surface veining of Calacatta Imperiale porcelain stoneware feature a particularly iridescent chromatic and expressive richness, which increases the material combination possibility by allowing a wide freedom of matchings with other colors, finishes and materials.

Surfaces used

Calacatta Imperiale marble look porcelain stoneware slabs suit any type of space, from residential to commercial projects. The presence of the Bookmatch allows for continuous solutions of great visual harmony and homogeneity.

Calacatta Imperiale

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