Residential project with Atlas Plan Boost Pro Clay cement effect porcelain stoneware flooring

Project Kozanli

An exclusive residential project with Boost Pro Clay and Kone Mix by Atlas Plan

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Pavimento con lastre grande formato Boost Pro Clay Atlas Plan
Zona living con pavimento in gres effetto cemento Boost Pro Clay Atlas Plan
Pavimento in gres porcellanato effetto cemento Atlas Plan
Rivestimento doccia con grandi lastre in gres effetto pietra Atlas Plan Kone Mix

Spaces: Living, Bathroom

Country: Turkey

Architect: Yeşim Kozanlı

An ecosystem of different surfaces

This is an exclusive residential project, consisting of over 1,000 m2 of ceramic, which takes advantage of the perfect integration and strong impact of the combination of surfaces in Atlas Plan and Atlas Concorde porcelain stoneware.

For the flooring of the living room, the architect has used Boost Pro Clay by Atlas Plan inspired by the textured appeal of concrete, which brings a harmony to the surroundings thanks to its understated elegance, intensity and high color uniformity.

The flooring and wall cladding in the bathroom have been built using Kone Mix by Atlas Plan which reproduces the ornamental aesthetic of Ceppo di Grè, giving the surroundings all the charm of natural stone.

Shower in Atlas Plan Ceppo di Grè natural stone effect porcelain stoneware

The extraordinary versatility of porcelain stoneware

With its cool gray color scheme and compact texture, Boost Pro Clay perfectly interprets contemporary design trends by establishing a highly versatile dialog with other styles and materials.
The evocation of natural stone provided by Kone Mix, with its classic light gray color and decorative motif of irregular shaped pebbles renders the surface particularly suited for interior projects which seek to provide continuity with outdoor settings.

Bathroom cladding with large-size slabs of Atlas Plan Kone Mix
Bathroom floor in Atlas Plan Ceppo di Grè effect porcelain stoneware

Surfaces used

The large slabs of Boost Pro Clay and Kone Mix porcelain stoneware by Atlas Plan, which are available in different sizes and thicknesses, are ideal for outfitting interior or exterior spaces in both residential and commercial premises.

Boost Pro Clay

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Kone Mix

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