Beige porcelain slabs

Infuse sophisticated warmth into architectural projects with Atlas Plan beige porcelain slabs. Their neutral palette offers the ultimate design freedom.

Beige porcelain slabs: effects and styles


Create refined spaces with Atlas Plan's selection of beige porcelain slabs in marble, stone and concrete effects.

Marble effect porcelain tiles are prized for their exquisite beauty. Thanks to their subtle blend of colours, patterns, and textures, they represent luxury.

Accomplish a calm mood in your interiors with the deliciously delicate Cream Prestige, awash with fine details and warm, gentle tones. Equally subtle is Travertino Sand, with its complex dance of sandy colours and rich veining.

Create a memorable, visual impact with Desert Soul, which celebrates individualism and bold shapes. It’s the ideal surface for personality-filled projects, feature walls, and furniture.

The appeal of real stone lives on with Atlas Plan stone effect porcelain tiles. Realistic, precise, and textured, these porcelain tiles prevail in both residential and commercial ventures. The clean, cultivated appearance of Boost Stone Ivory makes it versatile for indoor and outdoor settings. It provides a warm, intimate surface solution that combines brilliantly with other finishes.

Concrete is the material most synonymous with modern interiors, standing for function, elegance, and cosmopolitan living. It’s also a dependable choice for large outdoor porcelain tiles as furniture coverings and ventilated façades.

Atlas Plan beige slabs counteract the minimalism of concrete with the warmth of beige. Boost Natural Pro Sand, Boost Balance Ash, and Boost Natural Ecru provide an earthy overlay for all professional and residential spaces.

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Cream Prestige

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Travertino Sand

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Desert Soul

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Boost Stone Ivory

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Boost Balance Ash

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Boost Natural Ecru

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Boost Pro Clay

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Large beige porcelain tiles: main characteristics


Large beige porcelain tiles are drenched in delicate, warm tones, creating an inviting and enveloping atmosphere, ideal for public and private settings. Their main characteristics are listed below.

Extreme durability

Porcelain stoneware is superior in strength and performance, making it a worthwhile investment for commercial spaces as it will outlive many other flooring options. Non-flammable and waterproof, it will not bend or crack under high and low temperatures. It also makes porcelain tiles ideal for outdoor ventilated façades. They’ll remain unchanged and in their original condition when faced with extreme heat and moisture.

Visually versatile

Thanks to their classic look and timeless appeal, beige porcelain paving and furnishing slabs combine elegantly with materials, textures, and finishes, ensuring architects and designers can bring their visions into reality. Stoneware can deliver visual interest as accents and just as seamlessly be foundational surfaces upon which other design elements are built on.

Perfect for commercial spaces

Not only visually appealing, but porcelain tiles also deliver utility and efficiency. Their natural qualities allow them to be anti-bacterial and scratch resistant. This makes them the ideal flooring solution for areas that experience continual foot traffic such as offices, restaurants, hotels, and stores, where they will have to be replaced very rarely.


Porcelain stoneware triumphs in professional kitchens and domestic areas because of its ultra-hygienic characteristics. Atlas Plan’s beige paving slabs feature a compact, non-porous surface that’s impermeable to bacteria, fungi, and mould and NSF-certified for direct food contact, ensuring the highest standards of safety—everything that’s essential in a kitchen surface.

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