Large brown porcelain tiles

Ground interiors with a sense of serenity, earthiness and sophistication with Atlas Plan large brown porcelain tiles. These premium surfaces thrive in both residential and commercial contexts.

Large brown porcelain tiles: effects and styles


Atlas Plan’s large brown porcelain tiles gift unexpected hints of richness and warmth to spaces. These materials are designed to enrich architectural projects with character and confidence. Available in a vast range of finishes from marble to wood effects.

Deliciously rich and elegant, Precious Brown tiles are an unexpected twist on marble effect porcelain tiles. The quartzite-inspired surface is characterised by a deep brown backdrop patterned with fine white veins that enhance the realistic, natural effects. Perfect for creating nuanced visual interest in hotel lobbies and office spaces.

Ideal for wall cladding and countertops, Precious Brown produces a nourishing, intense atmosphere. A sophisticated material, it gives an exclusive quality to all types of commercial designs, with endless appeal to clients.

Wood effect porcelain tiles highlight the warmth and honesty of natural materials and combine them with the superior benefits of stoneware. Noce Canaletto features uniform, vertical veins splashed in a deep brown hue, reminiscent of North American timbers. It can be the perfect solution for floors, walls, and furnishings.

The precise lines infuse spaces with order and balance and would work well in bedrooms and bathrooms, creating a calming oasis. Clad walls and tabletops with brown paving slabs and pair with refined, pared-back finishes for a comforting idea of minimalism.

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Large dark brown porcelain tiles: main characteristics


Large dark brown porcelain tiles with their depth, elegance, and nods to nature craft aspirational interiors that charm clients, for both indoor and outdoor environments. Their main characteristics are listed below.

Reflect the latest trends

Using large dark brown porcelain tiles in projects means your interiors reflect the latest trends. This material is prominently featured in many major designs. More specifically, wood-like effects are dominating in residential settings. A bathroom with wood-look tiles(insert link) is a guaranteed design triumph. The finest quality porcelain has now been crafted to mimic the look of natural wood, embracing all the warmth and texture of the material but without any of the downsides.

Create a welcoming ambience

For any space that requires an inviting atmosphere, dark brown porcelain floor tiles are an elegant choice. These will elevate the feeling of comfort and calm in hotels, waiting rooms and fine dining restaurants. Brown acts as a core, stabilising tone in interiors allowing other materials and colours to flourish around it.

A functional material

Brown porcelain tiles deliver a functional solution for walls, floors, furnishing and outdoor furniture coverings that will stand the test of time. Atlas Plan stoneware blends extreme strength with durability and heat resistance. These materials are long-lasting and well-suited for areas that experience high foot traffic.

Versatile surface

Brown porcelain floor tiles combine well with countless other materials and textures, giving architects and designers freedom of choice. A sophisticated pairing is Precious Brown porcelain tiles with natural light and dark wood.

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