Black porcelain slabs

Powerful and purposeful, Atlas Plan black porcelain slabs conquer all commercial and residential requirements. These contemporary surface solutions continue to transcend the trends.

Large black porcelain slabs: effects and styles


Entice clients with Atlas Plan's black porcelain slabs in marble, concrete, metal and solid colour effects.

The intensity of black tones deepens the seductive power of marble effect porcelain tiles, making them the ideal surface for business and housing installations.

Nero Marquina is defined by a tonal black background marked with textured white veining, some thin and some bold. Its finish exudes dramatic sophistication and enhances the lavish quality of meeting rooms, tabletops, and hotel lobbies. Gold and white veins contrast dramatically against a vigorous black backdrop in Black Atlantis.

Concrete effect tiles are Atlas Plan's response to a broad range of project needs, from the indoors to outdoor façades. Expressive and evocative, it recreates the quiet strength of natural concrete.

Boost Tarmac is a black hued concrete-effect tile that fully embodies the minimalist aesthetic. These matt black porcelain tiles are abundant with texture and complexity and will be exceptionally successful in wall, floor, and bathroom applications.

Metal effect floor tiles are a strong option for a surface rich with character and depth, such as black furnishing and coverings. Indestructible to the elements, it's a safe solution for outdoor ventilated façades and furniture. Embrace an oxidised metal look with Blaze Iron, which is understated, punchy, and reflects light in all different directions.

Black solid effect tiles such as Absolute Black and Black Lava epitomise versatility. These premium surfaces allow other materials to take the spotlight.

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Nero Marquina

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Black Atlantis

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Boost Tarmac

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Absolute Black

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Black Lava

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Blaze Iron

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Dark porcelain slabs: main characteristics


Contemporary interiors are made simple with large black porcelain tiles. These enhance residential and commercial buildings and satisfy all the requirements of modern living. Their main characteristics are listed below.

Can cover large surfaces

The large size of black porcelain tiles makes them the perfect material for cladding vast surfaces such as large-scale construction projects. Tabletops for conference rooms, receptions and restaurants can all receive a porcelain stoneware update.

Create a monochromatic design story

Designing with a monochrome colour palette is an instant way to achieve a harmonious, modern aesthetic that will always be on-trend. Combine large black porcelain tiles such as Boost Tarmac with other chromatic elements to create a cohesive, black, contemporary look. For maximum impact, just combine materials with solid effect slabs like Absolute White or Absolute Black.

Durable for outdoors

Large black ceramic floor and coverings tiles outperform other materials in terms of strength, resistance to chemicals and waterproof characteristics. They’re an elegant solution, suitable for worktops and tabletops in outdoor kitchens. Metal effect porcelain tiles such as Blaze Iron are a particularly popular choice for outdoor façades and remain in pristine condition for years to come.

Available in many sizes & thicknesses

Designers' and architects' ideas can come to life with Atlas Plan's dizzying range of thicknesses and sizes. Ensure all the technical obligations of projects are met, with the ability to customise the size of black porcelain slabs. Often, other materials don't allow for this much customisation.

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