Large green porcelain tiles

Energetic and vibrant, Atlas Plan large green porcelain tiles ingrain a distinctive character into hospitality spaces and domestic furnishings. These premium materials offer a unique design proposition that cannot be imitated.

Large green porcelain tiles: effects and styles


Green marble effect porcelain tiles hold immense decorative value, connecting the timeless grandeur of marble with the freshness of green tones—ideal when used as the feature material upon which to develop other elements. Green marble effect tiles are an eccentric solution for those brave enough to make an original statement.

Exotic Wave is the ideal surface solution for optimistic and daring spaces. It’s imprinted with bright green veins and interwoven with hints of sparkling white—an exceptional material that will steal the spotlight.

Exotic Wave large porcelain bathroom tiles deliver a soothing quality to luxury bathrooms. These porcelain green tiles bring the outdoors inside. Exotic Wave can be elegantly used as an accent or for cladding walls, floors and vanities.

Brighten interiors with Exotic Green, a foliage-inspired marble effect porcelain tile that infuses commercial and residential buildings with a calming exuberance. It boasts realistic, unpredictable green veining against a tonal green backdrop.

A green porcelain tile marries well with other earthy, nature-influenced materials and our brown porcelain slabs such as Precious Brown. Possible pairings include timbers, burnished metals and woven fabrics.

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Large green porcelain tiles: main characteristics


The jungle meets stoneware with Atlas Plan large green porcelain tiles. These are available in a range of finishes and a lavish marble effect. The main characteristics of porcelain green tiles are listed below.

Personality-packed interiors

Bold and luscious, green marble effect porcelain tiles speak to interiors with a rare personality. Thanks to their sculptural-like veining and commanding green colour, green porcelain slabs will infuse exclusivity and refinement into commercial and residential spaces. Embrace their daring visual nature as an advantage by adding them to hotel lobbies, bar booths and restaurant bathrooms.

Calming aesthetic

A green porcelain wall tile will excel in any architectural project that requires a calming atmosphere. These premium surfaces convey a sense of tranquillity and harmony by connecting us to nature and greenery. Darker green tones are more sophisticated, while softer shades exude a youthful and lively spirit.

Maximum durability for commercial spaces

Green porcelain floor tiles are renowned for their technical prowess and strength, making them a perfect fit for businesses. High footfall areas experience a great likelihood of wear and tear. Thankfully, porcelain slabs are scratch and stain resistant, resulting in them being an ideal solution for commercial flooring requirements.

Ideal for professional kitchens

Not only impressive as flooring, but green porcelain tiles also outperform countless other materials in commercial kitchens. They’re a premium product that can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures, making them effective solutions for countertops and vanity tops. In addition, Atlas Plan stoneware remains unaltered when it comes into contact with flames, chemicals and smoke. Water resistant materials are critical to the success of professional kitchens, and porcelain slabs deliver on this aspect, too.

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