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Kitchen island ideas

Ideas for a porcelain modern kitchen are constantly evolving and are subject to multiple interpretations, based on personal taste and the needs of individuals, but the presence of a kitchen island is undoubtedly a constant. Here is a selection of modern kitchen island ideas and tips, that are not only functional but also capable of transforming the look of the entire house.

Modern kitchen an island: why choose it?

An additional work surface, an equipped space, a counter for enjoying cocktails with friends... When considering kitchen island design ideas, before thinking about finishes it’s important to start with the needs, in order to create functional and efficient spaces.

For example, a family with young children could benefit from an island equipped with a stove, so that they can “keep an eye” on them without having to turn away when cooking, while those who enjoy hosting will appreciate a modern kitchen with a central island or peninsula equipped with comfortable stools to enjoy a cocktail before dinner.

10 kitchen island ideas

If you’re worried about needing a lot of space, fear not: here's a selection of ideas and tips for a kitchen - even a small one! - with a welcoming and functional island.

Classic kitchen with central island Atlas Plan

1. The equipped island

If the burners and the sink were once “hidden” from view, today the most modern kitchen island ideas transform them into the protagonists of the room. This solution is particularly suitable for those who want to create an open space ambience in which the kitchen and the dining room are seamless. This way, while you cook, you can interact with family, friends and guests, creating a cheerful and convivial atmosphere.

Kitchen with white marble effect island - Calacatta Atlas Plan

2. The central island

Especially when you are dealing with large layouts, the idea of a kitchen with a central island can be an interesting solution providing visual balance, thus avoiding concentrating all the furniture on the walls and leaving an empty and unused space in the center. In such case, it is even more important for the finishes to communicate with the rest of the environment: for example, you can clad a modern kitchen island and table with the same finishes, including the kitchen backsplash to create a more uniform atmosphere.

Atlas Plan small kitchen island in porcelain stoneware

3. The space-saving island

For some the island is a choice dictated by lack of space for those unable to place a real dining table, however, in making a virtue out of necessity, there are many small kitchen island ideas with an attractive design. For example, instead of covering it with simple, linear finishes, it can be enhanced with porcelain stoneware slabs for a great visual impact, such as Basaltina Volcano, inspired by volcanic basalt and characterized by an extremely sophisticated material feature.

Atlas Plan modern kitchen with black island

4. The island with a double finish

When you have different styles in mind for a kitchen and a living room that share the same space, the choice of finishes can be more complex, but with porcelain stoneware slabs you can mix & match creating new beautiful looks. For example, you can create an island with a double finish: on the kitchen side, marble-effect stoneware that gives a minimal and contemporary look, while on the other side facing the living room, a precious finish in faux wood stoneware, which recalls other elements such as a bookcase or table.

Modern black kitchen with marble-effect island Atlas Plan

5. Modern black kitchen with island

Black is a color that fascinates many, but few people choose to use it in the kitchen. And yet, with great risk come great rewards, like in the case of a modern black kitchen with an island in black Atlantis marble-effect stoneware: elegant and intense in its silk finish, embellished with white and gold veins that add a depth comparable to that of natural marble.

Island and Kitchen Island with Seating Atlas Plan

6. Island and Kitchen Island with Seating

Those who need to furnish a large space can choose a modern kitchen with an island and with seating: this is an excellent idea for your kitchen breakast nook connected to the equipped work surface, making the most of the available square footage and creating a welcoming and functional corner at the same time. To add a sophisticated touch, Kone Gypsum hammered stone-effect porcelain stoneware is the ideal solution: the light ivory color, embellished with pearl and hazelnut-colored details, gives a feeling of timeless elegance.

7. Island and table coordinated with stoneware

When it comes to modern kitchen island ideas, some fear that this element is difficult to combine with a dining table and other furnishing accessories, risking a look that is too bold. In truth, porcelain stoneware cladding, thanks to the wide variety of finishes available, offers great possibilities for customization, allowing you to match the island's countertop with the tabletop, or to play with suggestive contrasts. Stoneware is a durable, safe material designed to come into contact with food, and therefore can be used for all surfaces in the house.

Modern kitchen with square central island Atlas Plan

8. The container island

Contrary to popular belief, with a bit of cunning, the island can become a functional solution even for those with little space: with a careful design, you can in fact use every inch of depth in the space below to create storage compartments, drawers and shelves to store all kitchen utensils.

Kitchen island with seating Atlas Plan

9. A breakfast nook on the kitchen island

Even if you have a large dining area, choosing to create a breakfast nook on the kitchen island is always functional: this way you will not only have a comfortable counter for eating quick meals, but a practical additional work space.

Breakfast nook counter top in porcelain stoneware Kone Mix Atlas Plan

10. The island as an expression of style

Until now, we have analyzed kitchen island ideas from the point of view of functionality, but we must not forget that these elements can become the expression of one's style, thanks to the choice of precious finishes or those with great ornamental value. An example is the Kone Mix porcelain tile slabs inspired by Ceppo di Gré stone, the historic Lombard stone with a strong identity: the light gray background, embellished with the decorative pattern of pebbles, knows how to enhance both the delicate veins of wood and the decisive nuances of metal, transforming the island into the focus point of the whole house and giving it a unique charm.

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