Nadel Roizin kitchen project in concrete look porcelain stoneware by Atlas Plan


The personality of the concrete look in the kitchen with Boost Grey by Atlas Plan

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Kitchen top with Boost Grey concrete look slabs by Atlas Plan
Kitchen worktop and wall tiling with concrete look stoneware by Atlas Plan

Space: Kitchen

Country: Israel

Designer: Adi Hanfeld

Architect: Nadel Roizin Architects

Photographer: Ires Photography

Distributor: Dan Marble

Harmony of contrasts

An eclectic kitchen project, characterized by a mixture of styles and materials: elements featuring classic taste, such as the furniture doors and fronts, and organic and natural inserts, such as the wood and rope furniture and accessories, are brought up to date by the presence of the concrete look Boost Grey porcelain stoneware surfaces used in the kitchen top and backsplash.

A material and contemporary touch for a creative and original layout.

Boost Grey concrete look large kitchen tiles by Atlas Plan

The intensity of the concrete look

Inspired by the visual and tactile suggestions of concrete, Boost Grey by Atlas Plan infuses the environment with an industrial and contemporary accent thanks to the cold shade of gray and the compact texture, following current design trends.

Concrete look kitchen project with Boost Grey slabs by Atlas Plan
Concrete look tiles for kitchen top by Atlas Plan

Surfaces used

The large gray concrete look porcelain stoneware slabs by Atlas Plan, used here in the backsplash and kitchen top, are available in different formats and thicknesses to decorate any type of room, indoors or outdoors, in residential or commercial contexts.

Boost Grey

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