Kitchen peninsula cladding with Atlas Plan Kone Mix Ceppo di Gré effect stoneware

Prvni Keramicka Project

Kone Mix stone-effect peninsula kitchen Atlas Plan

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Space: Kitchen

Country: Czech Republic

Official Fabricator: První Keramická

Kitchen tops with large-size porcelain stoneware slabs, Ceppo di Gré effect

The unmistakable elegance of Ceppo di Gré

A contemporary taste kitchen, characterised by a mix of materials and surface effects: the warm, natural tones of wood, the industrial look of concrete and dark-coloured metal inserts, the textural and natural elegance of stone.

The project is dominated by the imposing peninsula clad in Kone Mix porcelain stoneware by Atlas Plan inspired by the iconic Ceppo di Gré: a surface that restores the timeless fascination of the typical Lombardy stone to the room, in its classic light grey colour and peculiar pattern of large pebbles.

Large-size stoneware with Ceppo di Grè effect for Atlas Plan Kone Mix kitchen tops
Detail of kitchen peninsula clad with Atlas Plan slabs with Ceppo di Gré effect
Kitchen peninsula top with large-size stoneware slabs, Ceppo di Gré effect by Atlas Plan

Decorative attitude and textural strength

The harmoniously irregular surface of Kone Mix, with pebbles of various shapes and sizes, adds to the monolithic design of the peninsula a wavy effect, emphasising the ornamental and textural beauty of the natural stone, imbuing the design with great personality and stylistic dynamism.

Kitchen peninsula side panel cladding with Atlas Plan porcelain stoneware
Kitchen project with Kone Mix: Ceppo di Gré effect porcelain stoneware by Atlas Plan

Surfaces used

Kone Mix porcelain stoneware slabs inspired by the Ceppo di Gré dress all rooms with an original, modern and natural stone effect. The large size, with a 162x324 cm slab and a thickness of 6 and 12 mm, is ideal for kitchen tops and worktops that become true design surfaces.

Kone Mix

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