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How to clean matte porcelain tiles

Matte porcelain tile is one of the most appreciated finishes by designers due to the timeless charm of natural materials, while still offering all the practicality of a modern and avant-garde look. One of the great benefits of porcelain stoneware is, in fact, its ease of maintenance, provided that you follow some simple instructions and choose specific detergents for each type of finish: check out how how to clean all porcelain tiles or keep reading to see specifically which are the best products for cleaning matte porcelain tiles.

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Products for cleaning matte porcelain tiles

Before going into the merits of cleaning opaque or matt porcelain tile, it is good to clarify what that means: the term “matte” refers to the type of finish, which is less reflective and more porous than the glossy one.

Therefore, a product or detergent for matte porcelain tiles must have a composition in order to clean it effectively but without waxes or polishing substances, so as not to compromise its natural beauty.

We can divide detergents for matte porcelain tile into two groups: those to be used immediately after installation and those for daily maintenance. As for the first cleaning at the end of production, the installer will take care of it using specific products based on buffered acid that will remove all impurities. For daily cleaning, however, you simply need to vacuum up the dust and wash the floor with a neutral detergent diluted in warm water.

Tips for removing stains and halos

To clean a matte porcelain tile floor that has stains or marks, you must resist the temptation to use aggressive detergents: if you act especially quickly you will only need a soft microfiber cloth soaked in warm water and a small amount of neutral detergent, rubbing gently to remove the stain.

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If the tile is found in the kitchen, for example as backsplash, stains tend to be more frequent and therefore daily cleaning is even more important: in such case, to remove stains from matte porcelain tile, we recommend a degreasing detergent or a water and baking soda solution - which can also be used on kitchen and bathroom countertops - followed by a thorough rinsing.

Compared to glossy finishes, halos may be more visible on matte porcelain tiles, especially if very concentrated or foamy cleaners are used: this is why it is always good to dilute detergents abundantly and, after washing the surfaces, drying them with a cloth.

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How to polish matte porcelain tile?

By following these few simple precautions we have listed, matte porcelain stoneware will preserve its natural beauty for a long time, but with products that are too aggressive or improper maintenance, they may end up dull and veiled.

Can you polish matte porcelain tile? The answer is yes: there are several professional products on the market to revive a floor or a stoneware finish, but this is an operation that requires great experience, so it is best to rely on your trusted supplier, who can suggest specific treatments to restore its shine. The important thing is to avoid using waxes or polishing substances that are not specifically designed for matte porcelain tile: even if it is an extremely resistant material, there is a risk that it will be irreparably ruined.

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