Decocina Estudio Project

Large porcelain stoneware slabs Atlas Plan for a kitchen with an extra touch of class

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Space: Kitchen

Country: Spain

Designer: Decocina Estudio

Distributor: Azala revestimientos

Luxury becomes cosy

An interior design project that interprets the infinite combination possibilities of materials to create elegant, sophisticated yet modern and cosy environments: the natural warmth of wood, the rustic and industrial flavour of exposed brick walls, the gold finishes and accents
of accessories and furnishings.

The project is completed by the large slabs in Calacatta Antique porcelain stoneware by Atlas Plan that embellish the surfaces of the kitchen area: the worktop, the backsplash and the beautiful central island.


The chromatic richness of the surfaces

With its ivory white background sculpted by bold veins, in shades ranging from dark grey to beige, pink and orange, Calacatta Antique by Atlas Plan expresses on the surface all the richness and chromatic energy of this interior design project.


Surfaces used

The Calacatta Antique porcelain stoneware slabs are ideal for marble-effect kitchens and rooms that seek an atmosphere of precious elegance. The large-sized 162x324 cm slabs can be used as countertops, backsplashes or as cladding for any type of work surface.

Calacatta Antique

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