Kitchen project with Atlas Plan Light Grey Stone marble-effect large slabs - Hemo Project

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Light Grey Stone: in the sign of contemporary design

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Kitchen island cladding in Atlas Plan marble-effect porcelain-stoneware
Kitchen island top with Atlas Plan Light Grey Stone marble-effect stoneware slabs
Kitchen worktop and side panels in Atlas Plan marble-effect stoneware - Hemo Project
Kitchen with Atlas Plan large-size marble-effect stoneware slabs - Hemo Project
Worktop of the Atlas Plan grey porcelain stoneware kitchen - Hemo Project
Hemo kitchen project with Atlas Plan Light Grey Stone marble-effect stoneware

Spaces: Kitchen, Living

Country: Israel

Designer: Hani Hemo

Photographer: Or Kadosh

Distributor: Dan Marble

Fabricator: Mevo-Marble

A showroom effect open plan


An eclectic and contemporary open plan, merging kitchen, dining room and living room into one large space.


Each element is left exposed, echoing the effect of a design showroom where each design ele-ment expresses a precise aesthetic and ornamental intention.


The Light Grey Stone marble-effect surfaces by Atlas Plan used in the kitchen area - island and countertop - fit perfectly into this interior design project grounded essentially on the harmonious contrast of grey, white and black that infuse the envi-ronment with a sense of great stylistic homogeneity.

Kitchen island side panel cladding with Atlas Plan porcelain stoneware

Personality in delicate tones


The light, delicate grey of the Light Grey Stone porcelain stoneware slabs, with its minimal look enhanced by subtle white veins, fits into the room with an elegant and discreet personality, blend-ing perfectly into the grey colour scheme.

Kitchen island cladding with Atlas Plan marble-effect stoneware large slabs - Hemo Project
Kitchen top in Atlas Plan Light Grey Stone marble-effect porcelain stoneware - Hemo Project

Surfaces used

Light Grey Stone marble-effect porcelain stoneware slabs are ideal for use in various settings, from kitchen worktops to bathroom vanity tops and bar and restaurant counters. A versatility of style combined with the high technical performance of the material.

Light Grey Stone
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