Hyatt Project

Ceppo di Gré effect porcelain stoneware for a luxury designer flat

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Spaces: Kitchen, Living, Bedroom

Country: Israel

Designer: Erez Hyatt

Photographer: Elad Gonen

Distributor: Dan Marble

Design in the name of elegance

80 square metres of design and sophistication in which details make the difference. With this interior design project, Israeli designer Erez Hyatt has skilfully combined domestic luxury, elegance and warmth.

Every environment within the home is perfectly in tune in terms of its lines, lights, colours and materials.
The lighting has been very carefully designed to enhance the aesthetic impact of the furniture in each room. In the living area, artificial light blends with the natural light that comes through the windows and from the 12 square metres of balcony that overlook the Ramat Gan skyline.

The aesthetic harmony is emphasised by the Ceppo di Gré effect Kone Mix porcelain stoneware surfaces used for the kitchen top, the bedroom and the niche within the living room furniture. A choice that makes for an interesting play on depth between the various materials and that also brings style continuity to the various spaces within the home.


The personality of a unique stone

Inspired by the ornamental aesthetics of the iconic Ceppo di Gré stone, Kone Mix faithfully restores the timeless elegance of the typical Lombardy stone to rooms, in its classic light grey colour and decorative pattern of large irregular pebbles.


Surfaces used

Kone Mix is the Atlas Plan product used in this project and featured in various spaces within the home. This stone effect slab is 162x324 cm in size, 6 or 12 mm thick and is available with a matt finishing. As with all Atlas Plan porcelain stoneware surfaces, Kone Mix can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Kone Mix

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