Norton Design kitchen project with Atlas Plan porcelain stoneware

Norton Design Project

Harmony and elegance with Calacatta Prestigio and Calacatta Delicato

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Marble look porcelain stoneware kitchen island cladding by Atlas Plan- Norton Design Project
Kitchen countertop and backsplash in Calacatta marble-effect stoneware by Atlas Plan
Living area shelves with Atlas Plan marble-effect large slabs - Norton Design Project
Porcelain stoneware bathroom vanity top by Atlas Plan - Norton Design Project
Bathroom top with Atlas Plan marble-effect stoneware large slabs - Norton Design Project

Spaces: Kitchen, Bathroom, Living

Country: UK

Designer: Neil Norton Design

Photographer: Glyn Ridgers

Distributor: The Surface Collection

Formal balance and refinement


A residential project that is characterised by a sense of great stylistic harmony, achieved through colour balance, neat forms and the refinement of decorations and accessories.


The kitchen project takes shape around the oak central island clad with Calacatta Prestigio porcelain stoneware slabs by Atlas Plan, also used in the countertop, which enhances the elegance and purity of the volumes thanks to the richness of colours and light effects of the surface.


The bathroom continues the clear and sophisticated atmosphere of the kitchen: vanity top and shelves are clad with Calacatta Delicato porcelain stoneware slabs by Atlas Plan that infuse a feeling of warm and enveloping intimacy.

Marble-effect stoneware wall tiling detail - Norton Design project

The contemporary beauty of the marble effect


Surfaces inspired by the Italian marbles par excellence are capable of infusing prestige and elegance into rooms while creating contemporary suggestions when combined with other materials and accessories. Calacatta Prestigio enhances the decorative dynamism through its broad, bold veins running through the compact, bright white background. Calacatta Delicato brings a sophisticated, modern accent to rooms through its light, warm and bright white background crossed by fine and delicate veins.

Norton Design bathroom project with marble-effect Atlas Plan porcelain stoneware
Norton Design living project with Atlas Plan porcelain shelves

Surfaces used

Calacatta Prestigio and Calacatta Delicato porcelain stoneware surfaces used for this project come in a 12-mm thick version with a silk finish that enhances the tactile sensation of beauty, refinement and delicacy.

Calacatta Prestigio
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Calacatta Delicato
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