Kitchen table top in Calacatta Antique marble-effect stoneware by Atlas Plan

Cyprus Project

The timeless versatility of marble-effect porcelain stoneware

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Kitchen project with Atlas Plan large porcelain stoneware slabs
Kitchen worktop in travertine-effect porcelain stoneware by Atlas Plan
Kitchen table cladding in Calacatta marble effect porcelain stoneware by Atlas Plan
Table top in marble-effect stoneware large slabs by Atlas Plan
Living room wall cladding with large travertine-effect stoneware slabs by Atlas Plan
Kitchen project in large size porcelain stoneware by Atlas Plan

Spaces: Kitchen, Living

Country: Cipro

Photographer: Marios Studio

Distributor: Cornelio Marble Boutique

Aesthetic harmony and functionality


An open-plan kitchen and living area designed in the name of visual harmony and functionality.

The dominant stylistic atmosphere is expressed by the neutral, warm and refined colours of the surfaces in Travertino Sand porcelain stoneware by Atlas Plan used in the wall tiles, in the back-splash and in the kitchen countertop.

Among the furnishing elements, the living room table and the coffee table in the living area stand out with Calacatta Antique marble effect slabs that add a precious and sophisticated accent to the room.

Calacatta Antique marble effect stoneware table by Atlas Plan

Versatility of style and customisation


An interior design project that emphasises the versatility of the different Atlas Plan marble effect versions: Travertino Sand, with its warm and luminous sand-coloured background crossed by sub-tle stratifications, creates soft and delicate nuances; Calacatta Antique, with its ivory-white back-ground crossed by deep and iridescent veins, influences the room with character and intensity.

Surfaces used

The great adaptability of Atlas Plan marble-effect slabs is expressed in every type of project, from modern architecture to more conventional settings that seek an extra touch of elegance. The aes-thetic appeal of the marble effect is complemented by the high technical performance of porce-lain stoneware, making it the material ideal for countertops, backsplashes and as a cladding for all types of worktops.

Travertino Sand

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Calacatta Antique

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