Porcelain stoneware for living room

A room to be shown and lived in

Porcelain stoneware for the living area.

The living room is nowadays the central area of everyday life: a room to be shown and enjoyed that tells of the personality and style of its inhabitants.
Thanks to the wide range of looks and finishes of Atlas Plan porcelain stoneware slabs, you can reproduce the atmosphere that best suits your needs.

Fior di Bosco
Desert Soul
Soapstone Dark

To each their own style

Large ceramic slabs for the living room.

The elegance of the marble look, the sobriety of stone, the contemporary feel of the concrete look, the hi-tech appeal of metal look surfaces: the Atlas Plan range of slabs is the perfect solution to make the living environment unique.
The large format stoneware surfaces are ideal for covering walls and furniture such as tables, fireplaces and worktops.

Bathroom space

Let us inspire you!

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